Blue Jays are baseball’s oldest team; Phillies are youngest

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The commissioner’s office released a summary of major league rosters by age yesterday. The Blue Jays — with an average age of 31.01 — is the oldest team in the bigs. The Phillies, at 26.92, are the youngest. Overall baseball’s average age is 28.91 years. That dropped from 29.13 at the start of the 20187 season.

Other teams over 30 besides Toronto: the Los Angeles Angels (30.32), Seattle Mariners (30.17), San Francisco Giants (30.15) and Cleveland Indians (30.08). The next few youngest teams after the Phillies: Cincinnati Reds (27.49), Miami Marlins (27.85), Pittsburgh Pirates (27.97), St. Louis Cardinals (28.02) and the New York Yankees (28.04).

There isn’t really much predictive value as far as team quality goes based on ages. Seems that there are just as many good and bad young and old teams. Youth in baseball correlates with cost more than anything.