The Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen cart sees its first action

Getty Images

Teams have broken camp and the regular season begins a little over 48 hours from now. Some exhibition games remain, however, and they’re being played in big league parks. A big reason for that is that big league park operators — the sounds guys, the TV guys, the ushers, the grounds crew and everyone else — need a couple of run-throughs before it all counts too.

The bullpen cart drivers need a run-through as well. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Diamondbacks have brought back that weird tradition of decades past, and last night at Chase Field we got to see it in action for the first time. Brace yourselves for the excitement:

Given the less-than-direct route and the fact that the guy still has to walk in from the track, I don’t feel like it saves all that much time over a jogging reliever. Then again, a jogging reliever isn’t brought to you by a parcel delivery company, the official parcel delivery company of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and isn’t that what really matters?