Jerry Blevins correctly notes how bad “Field of Dreams” is

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I’ve slagged on “Field of Dreams” for nearly 30 years now. Most notably, I wrote my definitive review of the movie last year, properly trashing it as the terrible movie that it is. Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t give me crap for that. I suppose it’s because so many of you have been brainwashed into believing “Field of Dreams” is good. You poor, misguided sods.

You’ll be angry to know, then, that I am not alone in this correct judgment. Mets reliever Jerry Blevins hates it too, and today he wrote a column about how bad it is for Sports Illustrated:

Maybe it’s a bit of my own dad issues, but I don’t enjoy it. And neither do you. You’re just scared of the backlash because you’re supposed to like it! You’re all sheep.

Yep. And the giveaway is how seldom people who defend it actually defend it on its merits as a movie. They talk about their own dads and they talk about how you must have a bad relationship with your dad — sad deflection — but rarely actually defend it in cinematic terms. They love the idea of “Field of Dreams” more than they like the actual movie. If they liked the actual movie, they’d meet criticisms of it head on rather than devolving into sad, sentimental daddy talk.

Anyway, Jerry Blevins is now my favorite baseball player. Go Mets.