Red Sox introduce J.D. Martinez

Getty Images

As expected, J.D. Martinez‘s contract with the Red Sox was made official this morning. Soon afterward Martinez, his agent Scott Boras and Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski met the press.

The deal was agreed to last week, but there was a delay due to a change in contract language regarding a sprained foot which Martinez suffered last spring. Specifically, if he has a stint of 120 days or more on the disabled list due to the foot injury, the team will have “protection,” though it’s not clear what that is. Probably the right to hold back salary. For what it’s worth, all involved in the presser say that Martinez is healthy and that they have no conerns.

For Martinez’s part, he gets multiple opt-outs in the deal, following his second, third and fourth year under contract. The pact still stands as a a five-year, $110 million contract.

Now that that’s all done, Martinez can begin spring training. Expect to see him in a Red Sox lineup sometime in the next few days.