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Great Moments in Really Dumb Ideas People are Taking Seriously for Some Reason


Rich Eisen of the NFL Network got people talking when he tweeted this somewhat insane notion:

At the outset, let me note that, yes, if the other team has the ball and they’re taking a knee while beating the Patriots, you can bet your bippy Tom Brady will be watching from the sidelines, but I’m not here to discuss the merits of this proposal.

Eisen is a bigtime sports media personality, so if he tweets something out, I get it, people are going to run with it a bit longer than if it was tweeted out by Joe Schmo. But I am willing to bet the lives of my children that no one in Major League Baseball is seriously discussing this, even if it was mentioned once or twice in passing in some brainstorming session. The odds of it being actually presented as a plausible rule change by anyone are so long that C-3PO would start calculating it, steam would start coming out of his ears and his head would blow up.

This is being picked up by a lot of people online because (a) it’s fun and/or outrageous; and (b) people are kinda mad at Major League Baseball for pace-of-play ideas and other things they think run counter to the purity of the game or whatever, but I guarantee you, there is no there there.

At the very least, such a plan would not even be worth doing until we could perfect time travel or transform the entire game into holograms, thereby allowing Brian Snitker to pinch-hit the 1971 version of Hank Aaron in a close game. Go big or go home, I say.


Report: Major League Baseball bans transactions with Mexican League teams

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Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that Major League Baseball has banned all transactions with Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB), popularly known as the Mexican League. As of now, all 30 teams are prohibited from signing players under contract with LMB teams. The ban was issued due to Major League Baseball’s contention that “corruption” and “fraud” run rampant in the player acquisition process.

Passan describes the issues in detail, and they sound pretty compelling. The upshot: LMB clubs — which have full control over their players — are taking advantage of them, taking most if not all of the signing bonuses MLB teams give them after negotiating for their rights. Mexican teams often sign players when they’re 15 years-old so that, once they are old enough for American teams to approach them, they’re in the position to take a usurious cut.

Passan says Major League Baseball is demanding greater transparency from LMB before it’s willing to lift the ban. He also says that the MLBPA is in “lockstep” with Major League Baseball on the matter, which makes sense given that, if MLB’s claims are accurate, players are being exploited here. He also says that if LMB does not change its ways, there is a “Plan B,” though it’s not clear what that is.

There aren’t a ton of Mexican players signed by MLB teams each year, but there are enough to make this a significant issue that is worth watching.