Scott Boras clients will not attend the MLBPA spring training camp

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Last night we heard that the MLBPA is serious about going forward with a spring training camp for free agents. A few minutes ago Ken Rosenthal and Jerry Crasnick filled in some details about it:

If Boras’ clients sit out, it’s not hard to imagine that other free agents of at least moderate profile will sit out too, choosing instead to work out on their own and leaving Camp Free Agent an affair for fringe players and backup types. Not training after MLB camps begin could present some risk, as teams may use the excuse that “so-and-so is behind the training curve this spring” and not extend an offer, but it’s not like it’s the 1930s and these guys aren’t working out on their own as it is. The teams know this as well.

There is also, of course, risk to going to this training camp and sustaining a major injury in game play or simulated game play mode while not under contract. I’m sure the guys who go to this camp will have some sort of insurance arrangement, either through the MLBPA or on their own, but it’s still as risk.

Rosenthal adds, however, that there will at least be some support offered to the guys who hit the MLBPA camp. Moral support:

Some high-fives and photo-ops won’t get those guys a job, but maybe it’ll make them feel less isolated.

UPDATE: More details: