Yasiel Puig’s agents fired him

Getty Images

Weird news today from the world of agents. The Wasserman Agency “cut ties” with client Yasiel Puig.

Players and agents part ways fairly often, but usually it’s the players firing the agents in search of different representation. The various reports coming out of Los Angeles, though, strongly suggest that The Wasserman Agency fired Puig. Why? Here’s one explanation:

Not necessarily shocking in Puig’s case as he has often found himself in trouble for his behavior. This is a bit different, though, in that it apparently is not anything the Dodgers are terribly concerned about:

One has to assume that it’s business related. Maybe Puig is running around, cutting deals behind his agents’ backs. Maybe he went into a meeting at Wasserman’s office and, I dunno, dropped trou in the conference room. THE NICE CONFERENCE ROOM. My god, do you know how much those tables cost? A LOT.

No matter what it was, it must’ve been fairly serious, as Puig makes decent coin — $7.55 million now, with an arbitration raise coming next winter and free agency at a young age the winter after that — and firing him will cost Wasserman a lot in commissions.

Really, though: those conference tables are really expensive.