Keith Law: Braves have best farm system in baseball

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For the third straight year Keith Law says the Braves have he best farm system in baseball. This despite the fact that they got hammered by Major League Baseball as punishment for the club’s misconduct in the international market. Law says, however, that most of the prospects the Braves were forced to give up had yet to make much progress and the ones that they kept remain filled with promise.

The Yankees remain number two according to Law. This despite the fact that they spent some prospects to pick up Giancarlo Stanton. That speaks to both the Yankees’ depth and the Marlins’ failure to get the most out of Stanton, I suspect.

As for the remaining 28, you’ll have to click through, though you’ll need an Insider subscription to do so. I’ll give you a hint about the team with the worst system, however: their name rhymes with Beattle Blairiners.