Someone hacked the Padres Facebook account

Getty Images

Something fun happened with the San Diego Padres overnight.

For a short period, the team’s official Facebook page showed this, which suggested that they had signed free agent first baseman Eric Hosmer, to whom they have been linked in rumors for weeks:

It was quickly taken down. A few minutes ago, the team issued a statement:

That’s awful. I mean, it’s exactly what I would say if I had signed Eric Hosmer but then let the cat out of the bag too early, but if what they say is true, yes, that is awful. It’ll now likewise be awfully hard for them to answer some obvious questions that will come their way if they actually do sign Hosmer.

In other news, the Padres probably should change their password. Yes, “Padres123” is easy to remember, but it’s probably best to get something more secure.