Yu Darvish being courted by six teams

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There aren’t a lot of top starters available this offseason, so it makes sense that a lot of teams would be courting Yu Darvish. To that end, yesterday Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth-Star Telegram, reported that the Rangers, Yankees, Cubs, Astros, and Twins were all interested.

His report was incomplete, it would seem. But that’s not just me second-guessing. That came from the horse’s mouth:

I suppose he’d know.

Darvish did not say which additional team he’s talking to, but I suppose him doing so would harm his leverage so it’s understandable. Others report that the Dodgers are still interested in retaining Darvish, but that could be difficult for them financially given their reported desire to get below the luxury tax threshold.

Darvish’s signing is likely awaiting the resolution of the Gerrit Cole situation. Cole, as we noted yesterday, was reported to be close being traded to the Astros, though it has not happened. The Yankees are still reportedly interested in Cole as well. Whoever doesn’t get Cole will likely push harder to get Darvish which will eventually force a resolution of his situation.