Padres hire Dave Cameron

San Diego Padres

At FanGraphs today, Dave Cameron announced that he has been hired by the Padres to build a research and development department. Cameron, who has also written elsewhere, had been working full-time for FanGraphs since 2010. As Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union Tribune notes, Cameron has a degree in economics from UNC Greensboro.

During his time at FanGraphs, Cameron never appeared to shy away from a controversial opinion, even before analytics had industry-wide acceptance.¬†Interestingly, Cameron listed first baseman Eric Hosmer as his No. 1 “free agent landmine” for this offseason, referring to players who aren’t likely to live up to the contracts they are likely to command. The Padres reportedly made Hosmer a seven-year, $147 million contract offer recently.

Cameron joins the growing list of Internet baseball writers now working in front offices.

Brian McBurney had been the Padres’ director of research and development but left the team at the start of December.