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Must-Click Link: What would a 50-inning game look like?


Here’s some fun reading to keep you warm while the hot stove remains ice cold. It’s from ESPN’s Sam Miller, who specializes in throwing out big, weird ideas and asking big, weird questions. This article speculates what might happen if a game were to go 50 innings.

Miller asks the strategic questions — Would one team just quit? Would the teams attempt to collude to shorten the game by agreeing to walk leadoff hitters? — and walks us through some examples of baseball’s historic marathon games. He also takes a turn into the world of dance marathons and stuff, which are a part of old, weird America that I think most people have forgotten about, so God bless Miller for referencing them here.

One thing he does not mention is how the announcers would handle it. Likely because that area has already been covered definitively in the form of a single tweet:

Good reading. Maybe when you’re done with it, a free agent will have signed.

Bradley Zimmer to miss 8-12 months after shoulder surgery

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
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Indians outfielder Bradley Zimmer is out for the year after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder, the team announced Saturday. The projected recovery timetable spans anywhere from 8-12 months, which puts Zimmer’s return in the second half of the 2019 season, assuming that all goes well.

Zimmer, 25, had not made an appearance for the Indians since June 3. He racked up a cumulative nine weeks on the major- and minor-league disabled lists this season and will have finished his year with a .226/.281/.330 batting line, seven extra-base hits, and four stolen bases in 114 plate appearances.

The outfielder reportedly sustained his season-ending injury during a workout in Triple-A Columbus, where’s Joe Noga says Zimmer began feeling discomfort in his shoulder after completing a set of one-handed throwing drills. Comments from club manager Terry Francona suggest that the Indians have every reason to believe that he’ll make a full recovery by next summer, though it’s not yet clear whether or not he’ll need additional time to readjust to a full workload when he takes the field again.