Orioles ‘aren’t getting close to what they want’ in Manny Machado trade offers

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Manny Machado trade rumors waxed in mid-December, then waned and then waxed again in recent days with the Red Sox reportedly showing an interest in the Orioles’ third baseman.

Guess they’re not waxing too, um, waxy. At least if Tony Massarotti of 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston is hearing right. He says the Orioles “aren’t getting close to what they want” in Manny Machado trade offers.

A couple of moon cycles ago the Orioles were said to be wanting two front line starting pitching prospects. Which, sure, would be a nice thing to have. Machado, who will be a free agent after this coming season, is just a rental at this point, however. And given that he’s on record saying that he has no respect for the Red Sox, there can’t be a ton of confidence on the Red Sox part that they could lock him up long term, making two front line starting pitchers quite a hefty ask.

At this point you have to figure that the Orioles will hold on to Machado and see if they can make any noise in 2018. In the likely event they do not make said noise, they can hope that Machado gets off to a fast start and can snag them a prospect at the trade deadline. Better than nothin’.