Marlins tell players asking to be traded to get bent

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In the wake of the Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna trades, two of the remaining Miami Marlins stars — Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto — are reportedly unhappy. Realmuto has gone so far as to have his agents tell the Marlins that he would like to be traded.

Understandable! It’s not going to be fun to play in Miami with all of the cost-cutting and star-trading. Young players with loads of promise like Yelich and Realmuto have every incentive to want to get away from he Marlins and play for a winner.

The Marlins informed them yesterday, however, that they are suffering from delusions of grandeur:

Couple of things worth noting here. First, Hill is correct. Those players don’t have leverage. When you’re in year 0-6 of service time, you don’t get to decide where you play. The team does. And that holds even if your agents make trade requests and leak them to a sympathetic media. Maybe that’s an unpleasant truth, but it’s the truth.

Second thing worth noting: it’s a public statement from Michael Hill, the team’s president of baseball operations. Derek Jeter made a big point of calling himself the team CEO and making it clear that that title put him at the top of the baseball operations and business operations chain, but I suspect Jeter has gotten pretty tired of being the guy mentioned in all of the Marlins’ bad press over the past couple of weeks. Having Hill issue that statement is probably a sign that The Captain is less eager to be out in front — and subsequently held responsible — going forward.

Anyway, season tickets are probably on sale, Marlins fans. Feel the excitement.