Cardinals taking seats out to create party deck

Getty Images

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the St. Louis Cardinals are making a change to Busch Stadium.

The change: removing some seats in right field to create a party deck kind of area with bars and open spaces for fans to gather. Goold compares it to the open areas in Coors Field and Petco Park. The Tigers did this several years ago at Comerica Park too, with a large bar on an existing right field patio too.

These sorts of areas are pretty great in my experience, at least as long as they’re open to everyone and don’t serve as yet another VIP area. Which, Goold notes, is happily the case in St. Louis. These spaces are nice places to hang out and stretch your legs. It’s a good meetup place for friends who may have seats in different parts of the ballpark and want to connect. From the team’s perspective, yeah, it allows them to sell more standing room tickets, but for high demand games people want that option.