Rogers Communications considering selling the Toronto Blue Jays

Getty Images

SportsNet reports that Rogers Communications is considering selling the Toronto Blue Jays.

There is no deal imminent, but the sale of the team — as well as other corporate assets — is reportedly being considered in order to create liquidity to allow the company to do other things. There is no suggestion in the article that the possibility of a sale is being driven by anything specific to the Jays, their business or their future. Rogers, Canada’s largest media company, says it still wishes to broadcast Jays games, but notes that it doesn’t need to own the club to hold broadcast rights.

Rogers has owned the Blue Jays since 2000. Before that they were owned by Interbew, a forerunner to brewing giant InBev, from 1995-2000. From the team’s inception in 1976 through 1995 they were owned by the Labatt Brewing Company.