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The New York Daily News runs an idiotic cover about Shohei Ohtani


Last night, Shohei Ohtani’s representatives informed the Yankees, and many other teams, that they will not be invited to make an in-person presentation as they narrow down possible destinations for the recently-posted two-way star. The message, as communicated by Brian Cashman to the press, was that Ohtani seemed more interested in playing for a west coast team and, perhaps, in playing in a smaller market.

Which is is prerogative, of course. Many players have such preferences. And it’s not as if he’s limiting himself to truly small markets as he is still reportedly open to San Francisco, which is the sixth largest media market in the country, and Seattle, which is 14th. Guy just doesn’t want to play on the east coast. No big deal, right?

Tell that to the New York Daily News, which ran this on its cover today:


The Daily News also sent out a tweet with that which said “STAGE FRIGHT: Shohei Otani too scared to play for the Yankees.” The story attached to that headline, however, — by reporter Peter Botte — contains no such accusations. It’s a straight newser, communicating Ohtani’s decision and the expected, understandable and reasonable reaction of the Yankees.

What an embarrassing cover, though. How bush league to put words in Ohtani’s mouth and to ascribe emotions and motivations to him that it cannot know (and which are almost certainly erroneous). It’s also ironic too. The Daily News is trying to cast Ohtani as small-time, yet it’s the paper which comes off as provincial and insecure.

But really, dudes, I have NO IDEA why he doesn’t want to come to New York.


Twins reach historic home run total during 11-4 rout of White Sox

Max Kepler
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The Twins trampled the White Sox on Friday night, cruising to a cool 11-4 lead over their division rivals and collecting their sixth double-digit win of 2019. Even more impressive, they picked up their 99th, 100th, and 101st home runs, a feat that’s rarely been matched in a team’s first 50 games of any given season.

The first homer of the night was delivered by Eddie Rosario in the third inning. Working against a single-run deficit, Rosario lifted an 0-1 fastball from the White Sox’ Reynaldo López, planting it firmly in the left field stands and evening the score, 4-4. Two batters later, Rosario’s solo home run got a sequel: a 398-footer from Miguel Sanó, this one postmarked for the upper deck in left.

In the fourth, now leading 5-4, the Twins saw a third and final homer from the bat of Max Kepler, whose center-field blast traveled a projected 397 feet to give the club a two-run advantage. Per MLB Stats, the Twins’ record — 101 homers in 50 games — stands second only to that of the 1999 Mariners, who managed to club 102 home runs before their 51st game of the season.

While the record has undoubtedly been a team effort, Rosario leads the pack with a team-best 15 homers so far this year, closely followed by C.J. Cron (13), Max Kepler (11), and Jonathan Schoop (10). Sanó, whose solo shot marked the team’s 100th home run of 2019, has just five, though there’s little doubt he’ll reach double digits before the end of the season.

According to’s Do-Hyoung Park, the Twins also made it to an even 300 runs scored in 2019, for a satisfying average of six runs per game and a new franchise record (previous high mark: 273 runs scored in 1992). With the win, they improved to 34-16 on the year and continue to hold a comfortable eight-game lead in the AL Central.