Yankees are done interviewing managerial candidates

Getty Images

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met the press at a charity event this morning and said that the Yankees are finished interviewing managerial candidates. Which means that, barring something crazy, one of these men are going to be the next Yankees manager:

  • Carlos Beltran;
  • Aaron Boone;
  • Rob Thomson;
  • Eric Wedge;
  • Chris Woodward; or
  • Hensley Meulens

Beltran was the last to interview, meeting with the Yankees on Wednesday. The rest of them interviewed before Thanksgiving. The Yankees made the process far more public than most teams do as they wanted to use each candidates’ post-interview interaction with the press as part of the interview process itself. Which makes a lot of sense given that meeting the press is a huge part of a manager’s job.

None of the candidates stepped on it during their post-interview, um, interviews, and no one has leaked from inside Yankees HQ about the relative standings of the candidates, so your guess is as good as mine as who will take over the helm for the Bombers.