Report: Giancarlo Stanton’s agents meet with Giants front office officials

Getty Images

SiriusXM’s Craig Mish reported that San Francisco Giants executives met with representatives for Giancarlo Stanton in Los Angeles last night in Los Angeles.

A followup report from Joe Frisaro of said that, the meeting notwithstanding, reaching agreement on a trade is not considered imminent. It’s hard, however, to imagine that Stanton’s people and the Giants’ people would be meeting unless there was something on the table for Stanton, who has a full no-trade clause, to discuss or approve. Often in such situations would-be acquiring clubs are given 24-48 hour windows with which to negotiate with the player in question. It’s not unreasonable, then, to assume that there exists at least a deal in principle between the Marlins and Giants.

Yesterday Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported that the Marlins would be willing to accept second baseman Joe Panik and top prospects Tyler Beede and Chris Shaw from the Giants if the Giants committed to taking on at least $250 million of Stanton’s salary. It’s a deal that, one would think, San Francisco would make if available.