Report: Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens are the finalists for the Yankees job

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Bill Madden of the New York Daily News reports that the Yankees have narrowed down their managerial search to two finalists: Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens.

Madden says that Boone, Meulens and Carlos Beltran made the strongest impressions during the interview process, but that Beltran is not expected to get the job. He is likely, however, to get some job with the Yankees, yet to be determined.

Boone has no coaching experience at any level but Madden writes that he would be a popular choice due to his “knowledge of the game… his communication skills and his overall likeability.” Which, OK, why not. Meulens has no managerial experience outside of the World Baseball Classic, but he has coached for the Giants for years and was a Yankees player back in the 1990s.

Madden expects the Yankees to announce their new skipper early next week.