Major League Baseball releases its annual drug report

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Major League Baseball and the MLBPA just released their annual drug report, as required by the Joint Drug Agreement.

The notable numbers, which cover the period starting when the 2016 World Series ended until the 2017 World Series ended:

  • The total number of drug tests that were conducted during the 2017 Reporting Period was 10,237. Of this total number, 8,235 were urine samples for PEDs, stimulants and DHEA. There were 2,002 blood samples for HGH.
  • There were seven positive tests for players on 40-man rosters. Five for PEDs, two for stimulants;
  • 106 players were given therapeutic use exceptions which allow them to take otherwise banned drugs such as Adderall. Of these, 103 were for ADD, one was for azoospermia, which is a fertility disorder, one was for hypertension and one was for idiopathic hypersomnia, which is a sleep disorder in which a person is excessively sleepy during the day.’

As we always note, the number of players who got exemptions for ADD drugs is a bit higher than the occurrence of ADD in the population at large. But hey, if MLB is happy with the doctor’s notes they get, it’s good enough for me.