Hey, the Mariners won something!

Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners are one of only two teams to never make the World Series. That’s sad. But they did win something this year: the Green Glove Award, which is handed out for the team that has the highest recycling rate.

The award was handed out at MLB’s 2017 Stadium Operations meetings in San Francisco. Which, I gotta tell ya, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to cover. There is so much press at the Winter Meetings these days that you can’t do a thing without someone writing about it. I bet you could get into a mess of fun at the Stadium Operations Meetings.

Anyway, Safeco Field had a recycling rate of 96% to claim the prize. They beat out the San Francisco Giants, who have received the award every year since it was introduced by MLB in 2008. I suspect that the Giants were so bad that fans throwing food and stuff at the players in disgust harmed their rate. It happens.

Anyway, congratulations Mariners. Now it’s just the Washington Nationals who have never won anything.