Giancarlo Stanton reportedly prefers to be traded to the Dodgers

Getty Images

Jon Morosi of MLB Network reports that Giancarlo Stanton has provided the Marlins with a list of teams to which he’d accept a trade.

Neither the Marlins nor Stanton are talking about it, but Morosi reports that industry speculation is that the Dodgers are his first choice. Not shocking given that Stanton is from Los Angeles and given that they are, without question, set up to win now.

Still, there is no suggestion that the Dodgers are eager to add Stanton. Yes, any team would love to have him, but with $295 million on his contract and the Marlins likely asking for a number of top prospects for him, it would not be shocking if the Dodgers said “ya know, we won 104 games without you, so we’re good.”

To date the Giants and Cardinals have been mentioned most prominently among clubs interested in Stanton. One has to assume that the Marlins and Stanton’s people are going to do whatever they can to expand that pool of suitors.