Scott Boras: “Jake Arrieta is a big squirrel with a lot of nuts in his tree”

Library of Congress

Every time there’s a gathering of baseball’s owners or executives such as at the Winter Meetings or the GM and owner meetings, you can rest assured that there will be a Scott Boras media scrum.

He’s the biggest agent in the game and has a say in where the biggest stars in the game will play, so it makes sense that dozens of reporters will crowd around him and hang on his every word. You’d think that, at some point, he’d just hold an actual press conference where everyone could hear him and people could ask questions in an orderly fashion, but I suppose that’ll never happen. Partially because Major League Baseball probably doesn’t want to give him any official imprimatur in the form of a microphone. Probably because I suspect Boras rather likes people crowding around him like he’s a rock star. Thus the scrum.

It’s very, very rare that any actual news comes out of these things. When Boars clients sign, he doesn’t make an announcement. Either the team does or Jon Heyman or someone reports it. If a player is talking to a team seriously, Boras will actually be a source of misinformation, trying to make it appear as if everything is up in the air and there are numerous suitors. He’s an agent. It’s part of his job.

We do get some fun things out of the Boras scrums, however. The Scott Boras metaphors. Stuff like these two nuggets he just dropped down at the owners meetings:

I don’t know either. But, thanks to this, Jake Arrieta‘s name is in the headline of this post and will be in the headline of lots of other stories. I suppose, if he looks at his phone from wherever it is he’s spending his offseason it’ll make him happy to see he’s in the news. Which is also part of an agent’s job, I suppose.

Anyway, congrats on the nuts, Jake.