Yasiel Puig’s house was broken into during Game 7

Getty Images

Yasiel Puig had a bad night. His Dodgers lost Game 7 of the World Series AND some jackwagons broke into his house.

That’s the report from CBS Los Angeles, which says that Puig’s home was burglarized while his team was losing 5-1 to the Astros and while, you have to figure, half the city was watching that and not out going for walks and things. As the for break-in: the a window of his home was smashed, and some items were taken. TMZ reports that the burglar alarm went off, so the jackwagons managed to grab only a few items of jewelry before fleeing the scene.

This is not the first time this year Puig has been the victim of a robbery. Back in March, while Puig was away for Spring Training, thieves took over a half million dollars worth of jewelry from his house. It was a different house, but apparently his real estate upgrade didn’t include a guard house out front.

Bright side: if they hit him again next summer, there won’t be a World Series ring there to steal.