Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend while being interviewed by Ken Rosenthal

Associated Press

Big night for Carlos Correa last night. He went 1-for-4 in Game 7, his team won and he is now the starting shortstop of the World Series Champion Houston Astros.

Oh, and he got engaged on national TV too.

He did it while Fox’s Ken Rosenthal was interviewing him, pulling the ring out — he planned in advance to have a clubhouse attendant rush it out to him as soon as the game was over had the Astros won — turning to his girlfriend,¬†Daniella Rodriguez, and popped the question.

He actually popped it twice, as it he seemed to be concerned that she didn’t hear him. She heard him just fine based on her reaction. She was just floored:

We’re generally anti-ballpark proposals around here, but if you’re one of the actual players as opposed to a fan, an exception can be made.

And yes, to answer the first question almost all of us had upon seeing this, he did have a Plan B in case the Astros lost last night, which probably would’ve put a damper on things. What that Plan B is I have no idea, but now the two of them have one of the best proposal stories you’ll ever hear.