Joc Pederson’s home run trot sure was something

Getty Images

If I could snap my fingers, make myself 20 years younger, give myself world class baseball-playing abilities and hit the home run that helped win a World Series game, I’d probably cartwheel my way around the base paths while singing “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” from “The Pirates of Penzance.” For starters.

So, forgive me if I have no problem whatsoever with Joc Pederson‘s reaction to his big home run from last night’s game. Here’s the Dodgers outfielder after taking Joe Musgrove deep in the seventh inning of Game 6:

No, I’m not sure my celebration would include the specific gestures his did — kinda doofy? — but his would never include Gilbert and Sullivan, so we’re even. Dude was excited.

Thankfully, we’re hearing very little complaining about his gesticulating and emoting. I came across some randos on Twitter saying it was unprofessional, but nothing from the folks who have tut-tutted others for bat flips and the like in the past. To the extent any Astros were asked about it after the game they didn’t have a problem with it.

This makes me cautiously optimistic that we’re finally over complaining about players celebrating. Of course, the pessimistic side of me is always there, and that side makes me wonder if people are just less upset when certain players do it and not others.