Joe Girardi on Yankees: ‘I thought I’d be back’

Getty Images

Joe Girardi gave his first in-depth interview since being dismissed by the New York Yankees the other day. It was to Ken Rosenthal at The Athletic. While that’s a subscription site, this story is open to anyone to read until 8AM Eastern tomorrow morning.

In the interview, Girardi said that he was “surprised” that the Yankees let his contract expire and let him leave:

“I was surprised. With the year that we had and the progress the team had made, I thought I would be back. Obviously, there is a ton of talent there, a ton of great young talent. I was excited about that. I thought I’d be back.”

That aside, there is nothing controversial or combative in the interview. Girardi seems to be pretty zen about it all, more thankful that he had ten years in New York than upset at the fact that his time is over. He thanked Hal Steinbrenner specifically for telling him that, whenever he feels like coming back to be a larger part of the Yankees family in some other role, he can give him a call. Girardi, for his part, said that would come later, though, as he still wants to manage someplace. Not that there are any openings right now aside from the Yankees gig.

Girardi also tells Rosenthal that he’s opening to doing TV. My guess is that, until managers start getting fired next season, that’s where we’ll be seeing Girardi.