Corey Seager could be available if the Dodgers make the World Series


Corey Seager‘s absence from the Dodgers’ NLCS roster was a surprise, but bad backs are bad backs.

If the Dodgers, who have a 2-0 NLCS lead right now, make the World Series, however, they may very well have Seager back. From

Prior to Sunday’s Game 2 of the National League Championship Series presented by Camping World, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said injured shortstop Corey Seager is improving as he recovers from a sprained lower back.

“Corey … says he feels considerably better,” said Roberts. “He says he feels ‘normal-ish.’ That’s, I think, a good thing to hear.”

Not normalish to fly to Chicago with the team, it seems — he could only rejoin the Dodgers in the NLCS if another player is injured — but if the epidural injection he received keeps helping him out this way, he might be back for the Series if the Dodgers advance.

Seager hit .273/.467/.455 with two RBI in 15 plate appearances in the division series. He hit .295/.375/.479 with 22 homers and 77 RBI in his sophomore season.