Mitch Moreland was playing with a knee injury

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In yesterday’s deciding ALDS game between the Astros and Red Sox, Boston ran itself out of an inning when Mitch Moreland was sent home from second base and was nailed at the plate. He was out by a mile, actually.

I thought that send was bad to begin with, but it’s even worse in hindsight, as Moreland said after the game that he’s been nursing a knee injury. From

While it was known that Moreland battled through a broken toe for much of the season, the first baseman told Monday night that trying to manage the ailment most likely led to a knee problem.

“It kind of fed into my knee a little bit, so I have to get that checked on and we’ll go from there,” he said. “I was able to fight through it. I made it, and now we have the offseason to take care of it.”

I wonder if third base coach Brian Butterfield knew his knee was bad when he got that green light. Oh well. Doesn’t matter now.

Moreland, who hit .246/.326/.443 with 22 home runs and 79 RBI over 149 games this season, will have the knee checked out this week to see if he needs surgery. He’ll be a free agent after the World Series.