Mets to buy the Syracuse Chiefs, who will become their Triple-A affiliate in 2019


Some minor league affiliate news: the Mets have purchased the Syracuse Chiefs of the International League. The Chiefs will become their new Triple-A affiliate following the 2018 season.

The Chiefs have been the Nationals’ top affiliate for the past nine years and, before that, was the Blue Jays top club for decades. The franchise has also been community owned for decades, but have experienced financial difficulties in recent years, so it certainly helps out for the Mets to take over.

The Mets have flown in their prospects from Las Vegas since 2013. Before that they were affiliated with Buffalo for four seasons and New Orleans for two. Before that they had been affiliated with Norfolk/Tidewater since 1969. No one like their affiliate to be in Las Vegas due to the high elevation and hot dry weather — it’s murder on pitchers — so the Mets will certainly be happy to be gone from there.

They still have one more year to go, however, as the Mets affiliation argeement with Las Vegas and the Nats’ agreement with Syracuse runs through 2018.