Man sues Cubs, Major League Baseball after being blinded by a foul ball

Getty Images

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a man has sued Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs after going blind in his left eye as a result of being struck by a foul ball at a Cubs game back in August.

According to the lawsuit the fan, John “Jay” Loos, 60, was sitting in a “seat close to the field” at the Cubs’ August 29 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was struck in the left eye by the foul ball. He says that he has since gone blind in the eye.

The Cubs were one of many teams who chose not to extend protective netting in the wake of Major League Baseball’s 2015 recommendation — not mandate, just recommendation — that clubs do so. They changed course, however, and said they would extend the netting in the wake of the September 20 incident when a two-year-old girl was struck in the face by a foul ball at Yankee Stadium. That decision came too late for Mr. Loos, however.