Fredi Gonzalez has been brushing up on analytics

Joe Skipper/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Craig noted that the Tigers plan to interview two-time manager Fredi Gonzalez for the club’s current managerial opening after letting Brad Ausmus go. Other teams have openings as well, including the Phillies and Mets.

In an effort to make himself more appealing as a managerial candidate, Gonzalez has been brushing up on analytics, Tim Healey of the Sun Sentinel reports. In 2015, Gonzalez started reading Sports Analytics and Data Science: Winning the Game with Methods and Models by Thomas W. Miller. He later called Miller and asked to audit the class, but Miller told him the skipper didn’t need to. Gonzalez also held what turned into an informal book club with members of the Marlins including senior director of analytics Jason Pare and administrative coach Ed Lucas.

Gonzalez said, “I want to be able to go into an interview and be able to talk [analytics]. Not that I couldn’t before. But now I go OK, if they drop it on me, I know what that means.”

He also credited Marlins manager Don Mattingly for helping him learn how to be a better communicator. Gonzalez served as the Marlins’ third base coach this past season. Gonzalez said, “You learn how people prepare. You ask questions. Some things that were important to you two, three years ago, now you sit back and watch somebody else do it and go, ‘Well, maybe this is how I should do stuff.’”

Gonzalez, 53, managed the Marlins from 2007 through the middle of 2010, accruing an aggreagate 276-279 record. He managed the Braves from 2011 through the first month and a half of the 2016 season, amassing a 434-413 record.