Miguel Sano will not play in the Wild Card game

Getty Images

Miguel Sano is being left off of the Twins’ roster for the AL Wild Card game.

Sano, who has been suffering from a stress reaction in his left shin, played late in the regular season and worked out yesterday. It had appeared that the Twins were leaning toward having him available at least off the bench, but they’re obviously not confident he’ll be an asset in their loser goes home match against the Yankees.

Sano hit .264/.352/.507 with 28 homers in 114 games for the Twins this year. They obviously would love to have his bat in the lineup, but he looked rusty and unsure in eight at bats late in the season and, of course, the Twins managed to win the Wild Card without him being there for over a month in the final stages of the season.

If the Twins advance he will be able to be placed on the ALDS roster.