Terry Collins’ relationship with the Mets’ front office has been dysfunctional as all get-out

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It’s not a secret that Terry Collins is going to be out as Mets manager when his contract is up after Sunday’s game. But we learned yesterday that he might’ve been fired any number of times before now, but wasn’t because Mets owner Fred Wilpon personally stuck up for him in defense of his son’s and his general manager’s efforts to oust him.

That comes in this fascinating Marc Carig story at Newsday, which describes the years of dysfunction in the Mets’ front office. The short version: team president Jeff Wilpon and general manager Sandy Alderson have almost no relationship with Collins, who they feel stopped carrying out their vision and stopped listening to them some time ago. On multiple occasions, Carig reports, they wanted to fire Collins, but the elder Wilpon has stepped in to protect Collins, who he likes.

As with most cases of office politics, this one is likely complicated, and as with most Mets stories, the unpopular Jeff Wilpon plays a key role. No matter what you think of him, however, Carig’s reporting suggests pretty strongly that Collins has not listened to the team’s baseball operations people.

No matter where you come down on all of that, it’s hard to deny that Collins’ time in Queens should probably be over. But, as this is the Mets, it’s not at all surprising that his tenure is ending with public sniping and drama. That’s just what the Mets do.