Carl Crawford: at home, being paid not to play

Getty Images

Carl Crawford, as you know, is out of baseball. He has been since mid-2016, in fact, even though he’s still being paid pursuant to the contract he signed with the Red Sox prior to the 2011 season. That deal is in its last year and is paying him $21.9 million this season.

Scott Miller of Bleacher Report caught up with Crawford at his home near Houston recently. He seems to be at peace with his career being over. He owns a barbecue restaurant and his back yard is a playground of trampolines and four-wheelers and stuff. It’s not a bad life.

Crawford talks openly — more openly than you tend to hear guys who are out of the game — about his physical breakdown after he left the Rays for Boston. He also talks about his unhappiness with Boston and acknowledges that all of the barbs he threw back that way after being traded to Los Angeles were ultimately negative things that he has moved past. He likewise talks about the dilemma he has this postseason: cheering for his most recent teammates with the Dodgers or cheering for his longtime manager and baseball mentor, Joe Maddon.