Adrian Gonzalez is done for the year

Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez is done for the season.

The reason: Gonzalez’s wonky back, which tightened up again following the win over the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night. As far as final games go, Gonzalez’s 2-for-4 night, which featured a solo homer, isn’t too shabby. The homer was his final at-bat of the season, in fact.

The season, though, was eminently forgettable for Gonzalez. On the year he hit .247/.287/.355 with three homers and 30 RBI in 71 games. He missed a huge chunk of the season with a bad elbow. His injury did, however, provide an opportunity for rookie Cody Bellinger, however. The slot opened up for him opened the door for his sure-thing Rookie of the Year campaign and coincided with the Dodgers playing their best baseball of the season. Soon after Gonzalez came back on August 18 the club swooned.

Not that those things are necessarily related, of course. It’s just to say that the Dodgers have shown that they can be OK without Gonzalez.