Yankees fan ejected for tipping pitch locations to Gary Sanchez

Getty Images

A weird scene unfolded in Yankee Stadium last night during the Rays-Yankees game. Home plate umpire Dan Bellino had a fan who was sitting behind home plate ejected for tipping pitch locations.

On two straight pitches to Gary Sanchez, after the fan yelled “outside! outside!” in Spanish, in an effort to tip Sanchez as to where Rays catcher Wilson Ramos was setting up. Bellino had an usher eject the fan after the second instance. For what it’s worth, Ramos said after the game that, yeah, he was setting up for an outside pitch. Also for what it’s worth, Sanchez hit an RBI single after the incident was over.

Everyone involved said afterward that it was bizarre but that the umpires handled the situation properly. As for the ejection, Joe Girardi said, “Rightfully so. That shouldn’t happen.” Rays manager Kevin Cash said¬†“The Yankees handled it really well and got him out of there.”

Girardi said he’s heard fans do that on the road before, but not often. It’s a totally new one to me.