Jose Altuve has 200 hits for the fourth straight season

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Jose Altuve just hit a single to right field in the Astros-Rangers game. That was his 200th hit on the season and it makes the fourth straight season in which Altuve has hit 200.

This is not a common feat. As pointed out by Richard Justice of, Altuve is only the fifth player since World War II with four straight 200-hit seasons. The others: Ichiro, Wade Boggs, Kirby Puckett and Michael Young.

Ichiro did it an amazing ten straight seasons. Boggs did it seven straight seasons. Puckett did it four straight years. I would never have guessed Young, but he actually did it five seasons in a row. I would’ve assumed Tony Gwynn or maybe Rod Carew had done it, but nope. Pete Rose once did it in five of six seasons and, in another stretch, did it four of five years, but never four straight.

Altuve is now hitting .349/.415/.555 on the year with those 200 hits, 24 homers, 81 RBI, 32 stolen bases and 108 runs. He and Aaron Judge seem to be the clear front runners for the AL MVP Award.