The Rays and Yankees Twitter accounts beefed at each other last night

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You may recall that, before the All-Star break, Logan Morrison of the Tampa Bay Rays questioned Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez‘s home run hitting bonafides after Sanchez was added to the American League’s Home Run Derby team while Morrison, who had more homers than Sanchez at the time, was left off.

Since the break Sanchez has gone on a home run tear, hitting 18 homers to bring him up to 31 on the year, including one last night in the Yankees rout of the Baltimore Orioles. That led the Yankees twitter account to take a jab at Morrison:

The Rays Twitter account noticed it:

The Yankees account retorted:

We’ve increasingly seen club Twitter accounts having fun with one another, taking playful jabs. Usually everyone is game for it and it’s good natured in much the way you and a friend who roots for a rival may talk harmless smack. But this one seems a bit more . . . real? And not particularly good natured.

Maybe the Yankees should let it go? Maybe the Rays should grow some thicker skin? Maybe everyone dying on a hill built by Logan freakin’ Morrison of all people is not the best use of time?