Willson Contreras strikes out . . . with Mia Khalifa

Getty Images

Cubs catcher Willson Contereas may be on the disabled list, but he struck out pretty decisively yesterday. It was adult film star Mia Khalifa, not a pitcher, who sat him down, and she did it better than even Max Scherzer could’ve.

Seems that, over the last month or so, Contreras has sent Khalifa a number of direct messages on Twitter. He’s a big fan, he said, and he’d just like her to talk to him. He got no response and, rather than do what one should do in such a situation (i.e. leave the woman alone) he persisted. By yesterday Khalifa had had enough so she shared screenshots of his messages with the world:

Following Khalifa’s tweet, Contreras’ agency, Octagon Management, claimed that his “twitter account was hacked.” Which is 100% what happened, I’m sure.

Not gonna fault Contreras for trying. As Michael Scott said Wayne Gretzky once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. But after he shot and missed, he probably should’ve got the message before Khalifa had to send it so explicitly.

(h/t to @h_peezy_f_baby for the heads up)