The Red Sox think the Yankees are picking on them

Getty Images

Evan Drellich of has a story today about how the Red Sox think the Yankees are trying to harass them.

Really! In the wake of the sign-stealing thing, Drellich notes that the Yankees have lodged other, less meritorious complaints against the Sox with the league office. And to be sure, the example he provides — the Yankees claiming that Doug Fister was wearing some sort of earpiece in the dugout when he really just had his mouthguard on his ear — suggests some level of pettiness on the part of the Yankees.

I don’t have any strong opinions about this. It’s somewhat amusing. It’s also possible to acknowledge that, yeah, if the Yankees are making these kinds of complaints on a regular basis, they’re being petty and tacky.

But I have to say, the headline — “Red Sox feel Yankees going out of their way to harass them” — is kind of funny. I’m picturing them as Margaret DuMont and the Yankees as the Marx Brothers, hectoring her until she has no choice but to retire to her fainting couch.