A flock of birds ended a baseball game in Japan

Rakuten Eagles

There have been a lot of non-weather-related things that have disrupted baseball games in the past. Faulty lighting. Unruly fans. Tragedies both great and minor. But I can’t recall a flock of birds ever causing a game to end. It happened in Japan last night, however.

The Kyodo News Service reports that a flock of birds descended upon Kobo Park Miyagi in Sendai, where the Rakuten Eagles and Seibu Lions were playing a game. Based on the video below the flock didn’t seem too large, but they were definitely working as a team to disrupt things. They particularly seemed to like, or hate, the middle infielders.

The birds stayed until stadium officials turned all the lights off. That ended up prolonging a game already delayed by rain, which in turn led to it being suspended after eight innings due to curfew.

In other news, Kobo Park Miyagi reminds me a lot of the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati: