Rhys Hoskins is the fastest Major League player to hit nine home runs

Getty Images

Rhys Hoskins is, in no uncertain terms, a force to be reckoned with. The Phillies’ rookie left fielder kept up his blistering pace on Friday, clubbing his ninth home run in his first 16 games and 54 total at-bats to set an all-time record. Per Elias Sports, no one has hit 9+ home runs in their first 16 games since 1913, and no one has ever done it in as few at-bats.

The historic homer came in the first inning of the Phillies’ 7-1 win over the visiting Cubs. Hoskins eyed a 2-1 pitch from Jose Quintana and launched a two-run shot 403 feet into the left field stands.

Hoskins finished the night 1-for-3 with two RBI, falling just three RBI shy of the Major League record established by Mandy Brooks for the 1925 Cubs. That’s not too shabby for a player who entered Friday slashing a cool .283/.406/755 through his first 16 games in the big leagues.

The only blemish on his performance? The lack of a cool Players Weekend nickname to accompany his Major League accomplishments. “Slugger,” “Muscles” or “Prime Time” might come off as too cocky for someone as superstitious as the 24-year-old outfielder; then again, perhaps something simple and descriptive is the way to go: