Sandy Alderson expected to remain with the Mets beyond this season

Getty Images

Mets GM Sandy Alderson’s contract expires at the end of this season, but as Mike Puma of the New York Post reports, he’s expected to stay on with the Mets, possibly as “President of Baseball Operations” as a means of matching the title-elevation going on around the league, but still serving the same role he always has, with assistant GM John Ricco as his chief lieutenant.

Alderson turns 70 soon and has had some health scares, but as Puma notes, the ex-Marine has shown no flagging on the job and, according to the folks he spoke to, seems as energetic and connected as he ever has.

As for the job he’s done: hard to blame him for what has happened to the Mets this year. Unless he’s somehow secretly injuring Mets players as some massive covert operation funded by the Washington Nationals.