A fight broke out between a security guard and a fan at Monday’s A’s-Giants game

Getty Images

A security guard and a fan got into a fight in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum during Monday night’s Giants-Athletics game.

Footage from the fight in the upper deck showed a security guard throwing punches at a female fan before pulling her down by her hair. Several other security guards jumped in to break it up. At issue, it seems, was a stolen backpack. The fighting guard’s backpack, specifically, which another guard found with the fan involved in the fight. The guard who owned the backpack decided to throw down over it.

The fan was escorted out of the stadium and the bag was returned, although some items were missing. The guard has been fired because, even if someone takes your bag, you’re not allowed to beat them down over it. Especially if you’re a security guard. The A’s issued the following statement late Monday night:

“During tonight’s game, there was an incident involving a security guard. We contract with a third-party security company and are currently investigating the situation. Violence in any form is not acceptable. We take this incident seriously.”

On other news, there were fans in the upper deck at the Oakland Coliseum. Pretty good crowd for them.