It’s unlikely that Justin Verlander will be traded

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Justin Verlander has been an intriguing trade target in recent weeks, what with the Tigers falling out of contention and all. Trading him was never going to be easy, however, as his large contract, full no-trade rights and the Tigers desire to maximize his return are all, in one way or another at odds. Still, some rumors have percolated about interest from the Dodgers and Astros, among other teams.

The percolating can likely stop, however, as Jon Morosi — the most plugged-in national reporter when it comes to the Tigers — says that it is unlikely that Verlander will be moved:

If that’s what he was hearing at 11am this morning, it’s likely to stick given that it would take the Tigers a good while to talk to Verlander to get him to agree to waive his no-trade rights, even if a tentative deal is struck. Given the 4pm deadline, that’d be a tough call.

So, as of this moment, it would seem that Sonny Gray is the top starting pitcher available between now and the deadline.