Carlos Beltran’s glove is a zombie


Carlos Beltran had gone two months without using his glove, as A.J. Hinch had happily penciled him in as the Astros DH in every game he’d played since his last stint in left field on May 16. In light of that, the Astros held a ceremony for the apparently useless piece of leather.

Specifically, they held a mock funeral for Beltran’s glove before batting practice, with the players all wearing black shirts and Brian McCann wearing a black robe as the officiant.  The players formed a semicircle around McCann and knelt as the glove was placed in a shoe box and little tombstones with “R.I.P.” written on them were placed around it:

It was a somber occasion, I’m sure. But now it’s terrifying! Because . . . BELTRAN’S GLOVE HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE!

Don’t let it near your brain, Carlos!

RIP George Romero.