Corey Hart retires as a Milwaukee Brewer

Getty Images

Corey Hart hasn’t played since June 21, 2015 after a series of knee injuries sapped his effectiveness and pushed him out of the game. At the time he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 2014 he played for the Mariners.

His career, however, was defined by the nine seasons he played for the Milwaukee Brewers, where he hit .276/.334/.491 and was a two-time All-Star. He didn’t have a formal retirement ceremony back in 2015 — he just told his agent to stop taking calls from teams — but he’s getting one now.

The Brewers are honoring Hart with induction into (onto?) their “Wall of Honor.” He’s getting a plaque commemorating his career permanently installed at Miller Park and he’s being honored him with a pregame ceremony prior to that night’s contest against the Miami Marlins. Oh, and he’s signing one of those one-day contracts so he can officially retire as a Brewer: