Corey Seager almost hit for the home run cycle

Getty Images

As we mentioned in the recaps, Corey Seager had himself a whale of a night last night, hitting three homers and driving in six. But he almost did something more amazing than that: hitting for the home run cycle.

The home run cycle — which is sort of not a real thing, at least in the majors, but which sounds cool — is hitting a solo shot, a two-run shot, a three-run shot and a grand slam. Seager did the first three¬†via a two-run homer in the first inning, a solo homer in the fourth and a three-run homer in the fifth. Then, in the sixth, he came up with the bases loaded and . . . hit a drive to the wall.

That would’ve been cool. I mean, it still was cool, but the grand slam on top of it all would’ve been majorly cool.

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